A powerful mathematics calculation platform

ClassPad.net features an easy-to-use interface that supports arithmetic, graphing, geometry and statistics. Our platform is free for all teachers and students. ClassPad.net also offers fully-integrated and customized assessment solutions for companies involved in national and state mandated testing.

Recently Enhanced 

ClassPad.net now comes with a host of new features including pi-scaling, responsive design, improved accessibility, and quick angle setting.

Recognized for excellence

ClassPad.net was named the 2021 winner of the Tech & Learning Excellence Award for Secondary Education for its unparalleled versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction.

100’s of Prepopulated Workspaces

Free, ready-to-use activities that educators can modify and share with students.

We provide hundreds of activities and cover a wide range of math subjects. Students can interact with and solve our Workspaces on their own, or educators can bring interactivity to the lesson plan.

Algebra and Algebra II

Solving equations, linear equation transformations, inequalities, regressions, proportions, and more

Pre-Calc and Calculus

Working with derivatives, curve fitting, parametric / helix equations, integrals, regressions, and more

Middle-School Activities

Understanding charts, pots and graphs, ratios, fraction sense, slope, measures of center and more


Chi-square testing, standard deviation, degrees of freedom, probability, permutations, and more


Manipulating proportions, translating coordinates, Pythagorean Theorum, calculating area and more


Matrices, costs and percents, learning about escrow accounts, interest and principal, and more

Easy As 1…2…3…

Using the ClassPad.net Workspace is simple: tap the button below and start exploring. When you need more features such as saving, sharing, and bookmarking Workspaces, creating an account is both free and easy.

Webinars and Personalized Training

Our webinars cover math topics and how to best incorporate math technology into student learning and discovery. We also offer workshops demonstrating how to best use ClassPad.net.

On-Demand Video Guides

We regularly post updates and tutorials to our YouTube Channel for your benefit. Watch tutorials on how to best navigate templates and how to build your own Workspaces.

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