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Integrate with existing assessment systems

by providing flexible scoring services

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Promote comprehension

by embedding tools into online curriculum materials

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Save time

through auto-scoring and automated reporting

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Reduce costs

by scoring faster and more accurately than conventional practices

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Introduce greater depth

through interactive and robust assessment questions

Cutting-edge assessment and learning is a cutting edge technology designed by Casio Computer Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in handheld computational hardware. Casio’s automated scoring process not only saves time and expense, but also reduces the likelihood of human error in digital assessment.

Casio offers a variety of math functions which power dynamic exercises for e-textbooks and online activities, giving teachers greater ability to examine students’ academic knowledge and ability.

Embedded Digital Calculator

Our technology can be integrated into partnering websites using JavaScript. Our calculation software can be tailored to each specific need: basic arithmetic, scientific and trigonomic functions, regression and statistical analysis, or two-dimensional graphing features.

Online Lesson Integration

Teaching materials created on the server can be displayed as inline frames in E-textbooks and other learning systems. offers rich content suitable for general arithmetic, Algebra I and II, Calculus, Geometry, and other courses. Customers can also create and frame in their own content.

Automated Assessment Scoring

Automation is a perfect solution to increasing scoring accuracy while lowering cost. Our technology allows customers to set flexible criteria for student evaluation. We currently provide support for multi-part problems, containers, multiple choice, number lines, graphs, equations/inequalities, and expressions/numbers.

SSO & Fraud/Cheat Protection

Your platform users will never need to log in to with our Single-Sign-On capability. User work is persistent and can be accessed only by that user. The content created on never leaves the server, and users can only interface with the content you offer through your platform.

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